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Kafka's Other Trial

Kafka's Other Trial

Kafka's Other Trial

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Penguin Classics

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In July 1914, Franz Kafka's fiancee Felice broke off their engagement in a humiliating public tribunal, surrounded by her friends and family, and the other woman with whom Kafka had recently fallen in love. Broken and bereft, Kafka - at the height of his writing powers - turned the experience into his masterpiece, The Trial, where his lovers became the faceless prosecutors of Josef K. In Kafka's Other Trial, Canetti explores each letter that Kafka wrote to his fiancee, from their first tender moments together to his final letter and his refusal to reconcile.


In this affecting book, he offers moving insights into the creativity of Franz Kafka and the torment he suffered as a man, a lover, and a writer.



Hamur Tipi : 2. Hamur

Ebat : 13 x 19,5

Sayfa Sayısı : 144

Medya Cinsi : Ciltsiz

ISBN: 9780141195636

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