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We sealed it with a kiss, and with the kiss, we sealed what would eventually become an engagement, a marriage, a Cape Cod, a dog, grilled cheese sandwiches on Mondays, and everything in between.

Married life isn’t easy.

At twenty-seven, Jenna Landsen has a seemingly perfect life. Rational, beautiful, and smart, she’s a successful businesswoman married to the sexy construction worker, Camden Landsen. After five long years with the man who stole her heart over a cup of coffee, there’s one major problem: **the spark in their marriage has fizzled, and it might be gone for good. **

After turmoil with Camden explodes, Jenna leaves for an extended business trip to New York and decides to explore who she really wants to be. However, a major surprise makes her question everything she thought she knew about what she wants.

Dreams require sacrifice.

After college, the fearless Violet Streiff chased her dream of opening a bakery. Her career goals required sacrifice, especially when it came to love. Heartbroken after losing Liam Coffman, the charming finance major with dreams of his own, Violet’s not sure she’ll ever find love. With only her eighteen-pound cat, Bob, to keep her warm at night, she’s desperate to find Mr. Right and avoid being forever alone.

Rules aren’t always meant to be broken.

When a gorgeous yet heartbroken hunk named Camden wanders into the bakery, Vi’s convinced fate has delivered her Mr. Right—until she discovers that Camden’s married. As their friendship threatens to turn into something more, will Violet and Camden be able to ignore the spark between them, or will temptation lead them down a road of regrets?

Two raw, realistic perspectives on love remind us that married or single, matters of the heart are never simple.

This standalone romance is light on heat and heavy on angst. It features a love triangle with an HEA for both protagonists.​



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