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Sam is the ultimate single guy. A no-relationship kind of dude, a big move to freedom straight out of college is just what he wants, but there’s something missing. He figures a trip to Hawaii is the perfect way to figure to out his life and find what he’s looking for.

Then she came into his life…

Miriam didn’t plan for romance. Neither did Sam. But when they connect, sparks fly and a passionate bond is forged. Miriam can tear down the wall Sam’s put up to protect himself, the only woman who can break through his bravado and see the person he really is. Unexpectedly, Sam finds himself falling for her.

They had the perfect love…

Then Miriam disappears from Sam’s life without a trace, and no explanation. Heartbroken, Sam searches the country to figure out why the woman he loved abandoned him. Can Sam handle the truth of why Miriam left?

True love covers all scars…

A New Adult contemporary romance by author Heather Young-Nichols, Up for Everything is an emotional and beautiful love story full of heat, desire, and mystery. This heart wrenching tale of true love and soulmates is a wonderful edition to any romance lover’s bookshelf.



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