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the other lives of natascha E-Kitap Açıklaması

When does a seed become a tree? Is there an exact moment? Didn’t your life on this earth begin as soon as you fell into your mother’s womb? As you know, you lived inside there for months, and during that, you didn’t breathe at all. You lived in an aquarium filled with some liquid. That liquid is what you are made of. Your eyes were shut, your nose was useless, you were able to say a word as much as a fish does, and were hearing your mother’s gas more than your father’s talks. You were moving in absolute darkness. That’s something you can’t achieve even if you close your eyes and cover them with your hands. One day you got out of there and vomited all that precious liquid out. Your life didn’t start as you emerged from that darkness; it ended, and you started another one. The life you mentioned didn’t start with a breath, it started with puke. Your life didn’t start with a movement. It started with a dream; a dream that has always been there, even before you were born. The question is: When did we stop following that dream?



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