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Struggling to fit exercise and eating right around long work days? Spend your day commuting, at your desk and in meetings? Want to find simple ways to get back on track with your health and fitness?

*Includes Access To Free Bonus Content* Neill Watson’s symmitarian philosophy stems from 20 years of testing and improving his knowledge of fitness, nutrition and resistance training for optimal results in the minimum time. As well as being a qualified Personal Trainer, his technique is stripped down and achievable due to its foundation in real-world action and results.

This no-nonsense guide is full of hacks and tips that will help you to optimise your precious time to get fit and stay fit. From how to get the most out of training in as little as 3 hours per week, to how to avoid fad dieting while making realistic, healthier eating work for you, his approach will help you reach your goals, whether that’s enhancing strength, building muscle, reducing fat or just progressing your fitness, no matter what your week throws at you!

While working demanding hours building his career, Neill noticed that many around him had let their health and fitness go (like he did for a few years), due to juggling busy work and home lives. He was determined to find and share a solution that could fit into even the busiest of exec schedules. Based on the training and nutrition approach that delivered his personal results, Neill crafted and perfected his system into a blueprint: The Lean Exec.



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