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Textile Carding & Combing Machinery in South Korea

Textile Carding & Combing Machinery in South Korea

Textile Carding & Combing Machinery in South Korea

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The Textile Carding & Combing Machinery South Korea eBook provides 14 years Historic and Forecast data on the market for each of the 51 Products and Markets covered. The Products and Markets covered (Textile carding & combing machinery) are classified by the Major Products and then further defined and analysed by each subsidiary Product or Market Sector. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic and Forecast Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided, as well as Industry Data (59 items) for South Korea.


  1. Textile carding & combing machinery & equipment
  2. Breasts, garnetting machine, textile industry
  3. Can packers, textile carding
  4. Card can springs & tops, textile industry
  5. Card cans, doffing cans & sliver cans, textile industry
  6. Card clothing mounting machines, textile industry
  7. Card clothing, metal, textile
  8. Card clothing, mineral fibre, textile
  9. Card clothing, textile
  10. Card feed rollers, textile industry
  11. Card sets, textile industry
  12. Card setting tools & machines, textile industry
  13. Card stops, automatic, textile
  14. Card stripping plant & machinery, textile industry
  15. Cards, breaker, textile industry
  16. Cards, finisher, textile industry
  17. Cards, intermediate, textile industry
  18. Cards, revolving flat, textile industry
  19. Clearer wires, textile industry
  20. Clearers, textile industry
  21. Clothing, garnetting machine, textile industry
  22. Comb blades, textile industry
  23. Combs, textile carding & combing
  24. Condenser bobbins, textile industry
  25. Condenser components & accessories, textile industry
  26. Condenser rubbers & tapes, textile industry
  27. Condensers, textile industry
  28. Dabbing brushes, textile industry
  29. Doffing combs, textile industry
  30. Fallers, textile combing
  31. Feed rings, textile industry
  32. Feeders & feeding systems, textile industry
  33. Fillet mounting & stripping devices, textile industry
  34. French gills & French gilling machines, textile industry
  35. Garnetting machine components & accessories
  36. Garnetting machines & thread openers
  37. Gill box components & accessories, textile industry
  38. Gill boxes
  39. Gill boxes, intersecting, textile industry
  40. Gill pins & rivets, textile industry
  41. Gill spinners, textile industry
  42. Knives, noil, textile industry
  43. Lap form rollers, textile industry
  44. Licker-in wires, textile industry
  45. Open-end carding plant, flat card, textile industry
  46. Porcupines, textile industry
  47. Rollers, textile carding & combing
  48. Sliver stretching machines
  49. Slubbing reels, textile industry
  50. Teeth for textile combs
  51. Textile carding & combing machinery, NSK

There are 188 Financial items covered, including:
Total Sales, Pre-tax Profit, Interest Paid, Non-trading Income, Operating Profit, Depreciation, Trading Profit, Assets (Intangible, Intermediate + Fixed), Capital Expenditure, Retirements, Stocks, Total Stocks / Inventory, Debtors, Maintenance Costs, Services Purchased, Current Assets, Total Assets, Creditors, Loans, Current Liabilities, Net Assets / Capital Employed, Shareholders Funds, Employees, Process Costs, Total Input Supplies / Materials + Energy Costs, Employees Remunerations, Sub Contractors, Rental & Leasing, Maintenance, Communication, Expenses, Sales Costs + Expenses, Premises, Handling + Physical Costs, Distribution Costs, Advertising Costs, Product Costs, Customer + After-Sales Costs, Marketing Costs, New Technology + Production, R + D Expenditure, Operational Costs.
/.. etc.

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