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Ürün Açıklaması

From the book's 'Forward':

We read great books.

We utter beautiful words.

We praise virtue, applaud good morals.

We support honesty, promote goodness.

By doing so, we signal our surroundings that we subscribe to all these universal virtues.

When we meet people, we use a lot of nice words - adding a few famous references we’ve memorized - that we do not very often follow.

We speak with the words that sound nice, that make us look good and educated in other people's eyes, and we tell stories of virtue so that people will admire us.

Then, we - drop by drop - sip down the admiration we observe in the eyes of those people around us, who actually are very often similar to us and are around us all the time.

With the artificial virtue we display, we feel and enjoy the delightfulness of the illusion of our superiority over others, though it is fake.

These little rehearsals of virtue that we repeat on every given chance can even become addictive with its relieving nature.

Most interesting thing about this is, although we sincerely applaud the virtue we read in books, in words, the universal messages they carry, honesty and all other positive features and confirm their truthiness, we do not reflect or live any of this beauty. Maybe the contradiction that crawls in us, that consumes us when we go to bed every night is because of this.

These words of Ghandi's that summarize such cases are very meaningfully indeed:

''Believing in something and not leading a life accordingly is fraud.''

‘This book, therefore, aims to remind us that a decision has to be made already.

It emphasizes that maybe the books we have read need to be read again several more times in a higher state of awareness so that each and every thought we praise would become a part of our actual life.

This book reminds us to make these beautiful words and virtue that we applaud a part of ourselves, to live a better quality life with a final reminder:

Let us first get our minds in order; then introduce our surroundings to these values. Because, no matter how many great words we read and speak, unless we apply them in our lives and make them a part of ourselves, they will have no meaning at all.



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