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How do you bring out the extraordinary leader within you for maximum influence and impact?

“Through Comfluential Leadership,” says Linda Patten, Leadership Expert and Trainer, in this powerful book that will turn on its head your idea of what leadership truly looks like. What limits the potential for both women and men leaders is an outdated leadership model that no longer works to meet the demands of today’s, or tomorrow’s, world.

No One Stood Up When I Entered the Room: One Woman’s Journey from Command to True Leadership isn’t just a textbook on leadership skills, although it deserves a place on every woman’s bookshelf and every women’s studies/business leadership course syllabus. It’s also the journey of one woman who is uniquely qualified to tell the story of a female leader in a man’s world, a remarkable story peppered throughout the book with candor, humor, and wisdom. This book is both a cautionary tale and guidebook for any woman in leadership today.

In these pages, you’ll learn:

--- Why hundreds of years of the “masculine leadership model” is no longer working - neither for women nor men.
--- About “gender heritage:” why women don’t call themselves leaders, ask for a raise, or get the jobs they want.
--- What the true qualities of embodied leadership are, and how you can get them.
--- A new kind of leadership for today’s leaders and the generations to come, that can change the very fabric of our world for the better.

If you are a woman in the military, C-suite executive, political office holder, changemaker or homemaker (or a man who loves them), you will relate to Linda’s personal stories and the challenges she faced as a woman officer in the military, C-suite exec in banking, and “planet Entrepreneur.” She sheds light on how women can use their unique talents of command and influence to become more effective, fully-expressed, powerful leaders and changemakers..

If Brené Brown, Madeleine Albright, and Rebecca Solnit speak to you, then this book will be a great read. This author speaks out on women’s gender heritage around leadership, money, and misogyny; and how a stale leadership model has us struggling to lead our lives and careers. She also offers solutions: insights, practices, and action steps to help you shift into a new level of holistic, embodied leadership.

This bestselling author, speaker, radio host, and expert in all things leadership challenges you to “dare to lead,” and gives you the practicals tools to do so, whether you are leading your family, community, business, country, or global-level change movement.

About the Author

Linda Patten, Leadership Expert and Trainer, is on a mission to do nothing less than fundamentally change how leadership is done in the world! Coining the concept of Comfluence™ in leadership – blending the masculine style of “command” with the feminine style of “influence” – Linda challenges women to break through accepted norms of what a leader “should” be, marry the masculine and feminine strengths that live within, and dare to become the fully-expressed, extraordinary leader they were always meant to be.

With 40 years of leadership training experience spanning military, corporate, and entrepreneurial arenas, Linda is uniquely qualified to tell the story of a woman leader in a man’s world. As an officer in the Women’s Army Corps (WACs), she was schooled in the male leadership model of command, as well as the mixed messages of gender bias (such as the male officer who would walk around the block to avoid saluting a female officer). As one of the only women in the corporate boardroom, Linda experienced the confusion and frustration of an increasingly outdated, harmful stereotype of what leadership is supposed to look like. It was when she became an entrepreneur that she began to explore the feminine qualities of leadership, and became empowered in her own life and business once she learned how to acknowledge and leverage both her masculine and feminine qualities.

Linda’s journey to discover Confluential Leadership inspired her to write this book: “I believe it is crucial for society to address whatever limits how effective women and men can be as leaders….If we want to change the world, we have to change the model.”

Linda’s work and passion are to help both women and men develop more effective leadership abilities through the Comfluential Leadership model. Her book and 12-step program, The Art of Herding Cats: Leading Teams of Leaders and Awaken the Leader workshop series focus on training women to build a thriving business, step out from the shadows to lead in their lives, or learn the leadership mindset and skills to grow a world-level change movement.

A gifted communicator, Linda is known for her high-caliber interactive keynotes and seminar training, and as host of her top-selling syndicated VoiceAmerica radio show, Leadership Stars. She has co-authored 6 bestselling books (and is busy working on her next book on Comfluential Leadership training). She is regularly featured on radio, TV, and stage for her expertise on women in business and leadership. Linda holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, a Certificate in Meeting Management, as well as leadership positions in numerous professional management associations and women’s business networking groups. Linda Patten is founder and CEO of her leadership training company, Dare 2 Lead with Linda.

Linda welcomes every opportunity to share her heartfelt vision of empowering women to step out, step up, and step into the kind of leadership that creates positive change in the world. Men, as well as women, are enthusiastically invited to learn more about Comfluence™ - leadership at its very best!

Linda Patten
Leadership Expert
Dare2Lead With Linda
Email: Linda@Dare2LeadWithLinda.com
Phone: 925-954-3239
Website: www.dare2dreamwithlinda.com
Twitter: @Patten_linda
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dare2dreamwithlinda



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