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“Richard Marsh … has given a strange tale, and … a decidedly original one.” – Punch

“Richard Marsh’s books are all of them distinguished by audacity of imagination and a real gift for narrative.” – Illustrated London News

“Richard Marsh’s stories are strikingly original; they have a strong leaven of distinction, remain curiously convincing, and are vastly entertaining.” – Saturday Review

“Richard Marsh is a master of the art of making one’s flesh creep.” – Bookman

Visiting the seaside for a relaxing holiday with his wife, Hereward Musgrave overhears the conversation of three psychiatrists discussing an infamous murder case. The killer, he overhears the celebrated Dr. Byam say, was a madman and almost certainly passed his insanity to his daughter. But what is Mr. Musgrave’s horror when he realizes that the woman they are discussing is his new bride! And, a worse horror yet – Dr. Byam’s diagnosis of her psychotic nature seems to be verified when he is found dead the following day, stabbed through the heart!

Though believing she is guilty, Mr. Musgrave is madly in love with his wife and determined to save her from the gallows. What follows is one of Richard Marsh’s most exciting, fast-paced thrillers, with a shocking and unthinkable conclusion!

Best known for his Victorian horror novel The Beetle (1897), which outsold Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and for his masterful short stories of the supernatural, Marsh was a prolific and extremely popular author whose books remain well worth reading today. This first-ever digital edition of the novel includes the unabridged text of the original 1901 edition published by John Long.




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