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Montana Brides Collection

Montana Brides Collection

Montana Brides Collection

Yayınevi : Emma West

Read all three sister's stories in this collection.
Book 1
Jake placed an ad for a mail-order bride when he lost a bet, now he wants it removed. There's no room in his life or heart for a wife.

In Boston, Marianne finds Jake's ad and desperate to get out of poverty along with her two sisters has her hoping a train to Montana to meet Jake. Somehow she must convince him she's the perfect wife and find suitable husbands for them all.

Book 2
Emily doesn't want to settle for just a husband and a home, she wants love. And she won't fall for a drunken gambler like her sister. Problem is when she first meets Nathan, he's been drinking and brings her sister's fiancé home drunk.

Nathan's never wanted a woman until Emily crashes into his life. Now he can't imagine life without her. But the Montana winter is unpredictable and soon he's fighting for his and Emily's lives in the mountains.

Book 3
Sarah is happy for her sisters and their upcoming marriages, but she can't tell them that being alone with a man frightens her. Despite being drawn to the local minister, she's determined to stay away. If only her heart would agree.

Reverend Jones has given up on love since twice he fell for the wrong woman. Now he wants to focus on his work and aid Sarah who is determined to go her own way and not accept help. He can't stop thinking about her, but does she feel the same for him?

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ISBN: 1230002113456

Format: Epub