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Love Unboxed is a collection of personal short stories from 20 courageous women. These women share their Real, Raw, Undiluted Love Journeys to heal and empower.

This book is not just about wanting to share our painful stories. Our single desire is that any woman who comes across this book will find answers to their questions within the pages of Love Unboxed.

It takes a lot of courage to share one's deep personal moments with another person and a lot more to share them with the world. We understand that, in times of pain, some are unable to seek help and that is why these courageous women, in spite how they feel, have shared their stories, so others may find answers and courage to face their own demons.

The aim of the book is to give women strength by knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. These brave women have opened up to reveal their secret hidden tragedies to help other women.

Placida who has brought these ladies together and encouraged them to tell their stories is a well-respected Business Coach, 3x International Bestselling Author. In her work, she hears many stories of women who have fought their way back after finding themselves in real adversity.
This book is dedicated to women that need to reach the love within themselves. http: //placidaacheru.com

"I used to be one of those girls who needed a man. Needed to be in a relationship.

Offered myself up on a plate because I thought it meant something, that I was worthy, that I was good enough, that I was loveable. That being with someone validated my very existence.

Even if it meant being with the worst kind of man. Even if it meant allowing myself to be violated. Even if it meant becoming so co-dependent that I couldn't see an escape despite the emotional torture.

Even if it meant that escaping from life itself was the only way out.

I know I'm not alone.

I know that hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of women have suffered at the hands of a man because of a deep-rooted belief that they are not worthy, they're not good or loveable enough. Because for hundreds of years' women have been treated less than by men, by society, by OTHER WOMEN.

Now we are breaking the silence, unshackling ourselves and rising together to make a difference in the world so that we can leave a better legacy for our kids.

And that is exactly what Love Unboxed is all about." Michelle Catanach, Co- Author Love Unboxed

"Each story pierced me, I was in a connection that went beyond letters and longings, a link drawn by women I did not know...Love Unboxed is more than a romantic novel, it represents the incredible experience of being a woman" VICTORIA CALVO, Author of "Independence Ties

" These women found their scared heart, their essence, became whole again. It was like they are reborn." NOSIPHO CABENI, Meta-Coach, South Africa

"A powerful book of courage, passion and never ending search for the love within. With women who have lived, loved and lived life to the full." FIONA CLARK, Midlife Mentor & Life Coach, UK



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