Life, Love, & Laughter

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“Brilliant short stories by two talented authors—kept me on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the imaginative surprise endings.” ~Richard Brumer, author of The Chemist’s Shop, Meeting Max, and The Last Sunrise ... Tamamını gör
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“Brilliant short stories by two talented authors—kept me on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the imaginative surprise endings.” ~Richard Brumer, author of The Chemist’s Shop, Meeting Max, and The Last Sunrise

Humor, Drama, Suspense, Romance and a Touch of the Supernatural in Life, Love and Laughter, a Bag Full of Entertaining Stories by S.L. Menear and D.M. Littlefield

Enjoy exciting and hilarious true stories involving the authors’ adventurous exploits and fictitious stories involving crime-solving dogs, murder mysteries, a creepy story about a haunted house, interesting flight attendant and pilot stories, aerobatic lessons leading to divorce, a terrifying first solo flight, soaring in a glider, hang-gliding over Biscayne Bay, hot-air ballooning, an airliner stranded by an earthquake, a dangerous airline evacuation of Saigon, an emergency landing after total engine failure, flight training in a jet airliner; a thrilling first ocean dive, a terrifying shark attack, diving to 800 feet in a submarine, an exciting ride on a horse named Satan, funny stories about naughty seniors, an endearing love story between two antique cars, an unusual love story based on supernatural events, a murder mystery based on an ancient weapon invented by Merlin, a murder mystery involving disgruntled authors and snotty literary agents, and many stories involving humorous situations.

Like a vacation in a book, enjoy this clean and wholesome collection of 50 engaging adult stories. Sure to spirit you away whenever you need an escape and send you home with a smile.

“These two women have written a bag full of entertaining short stories, mostly filled with wry humor reminiscent of O. Henry. Very well done, filled with fun characters, and the best part is, you can fill any short waiting period with entertaining reading that ends in just a few pages. Definitely a book worth having close at all times.” —George A. Bernstein, Amazon Top 100 Author of Trapped, A 3rd Time to Die, Death’s Angel, and Born to Die

“A fresh and exciting collection of short stories. Humorous and surprising, a real whodunit treat.” —Fred Lichtenberg, author of Deadly Heat at The Cottages: Sex, Murder, and Mayhem, Hunter’s World, Double Trouble, and Retired, Now What?

“Authors Littlefield and Menear have once again woven their unique abilities to combine humor and suspense into stories that are sure to please the most discriminating readers. Every minute is a worthwhile investment in reading pleasure.” —Frank E. Lamca, author of The Gypsies and the Devil Hound

“The 50 Short Stories are wonderfully creative writings for adult readers of any age. Littlefield’s and Menear’s plots and characters are at times laugh-out-loud funny and goosebumpy at others. Perfect for readers who want to read a short story in one sitting or enjoy hours of entertainment.” —Tina Nicholas, author of Condo Crazies and Affair in Athens

Sharon Littlefield Menear is a retired airline pilot. US Airways hired Sharon in 1980 as their first female pilot, bypassing the flight engineer position. The men in her new-hire class gave her the nickname Bombshell. She flew Boeing 727s and 737s, DC-9s, and BAC 1-11 jet airliners and was promoted to captain in her seventh year.

Before her pilot career, Sharon worked as a water-sports model and then traveled the world as a flight attendant with Pan American World Airways.

Sharon also enjoyed flying antique airplanes, experimental aircraft, and Third World fighter airplanes. Her leisure activities included scuba diving, powered paragliding, snow skiing, surfing, horseback riding, aerobatic flying, sailing, and driving fast cars and motorcycles.

Sharon has flown many of the airplanes in her debut novel, Deadstick Dawn, winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award, Poseidon’s Sword, Blaze, and Stranded, Books One, Two, Three, and Four in the Samantha Starr Series featuring a woman pilot in fantasy action thrillers.

Dorothy Metz Littlefield has been writing for over fifty years. Her first story, When Time Stood Still, was published in magazines and in another short-stories anthology.

Dorothy is currently writing mystery and romance novels as well as short stories. She draws on experiences from her world travels with her daughter, aerobatic flying, soaring, diving, hang gliding, horseback riding, and hot-air ballooning with her children.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she moved to Diamond Lake, Michigan after marrying her husband, Ken. They raised their two children, Sharon and Larry, in Michigan and later in Bradenton, Florida.

Dorothy was a long-time resident of Kilgore, Texas, where she raised horses on her ranch until she moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2002 to be near her children.

Silent Thrills
When Time Stood Still
Deadly Rejections
Surprised Delivery
The Golden Years
Sky Gods
Winter Wonderland
The Magic Button
My First Solo Flight
Secrets by DML
Sleuth Hounds
My First Ocean Dive
Sleep Deprived
Aerobatic Lessons
Meadow Muffins
Holiday Greetings
Stuck in an Elevator
Catatonic Snifferitis
Sibling Insanity
Girl Talk
The First Pilot
Mall Critics
Virtual Sex Flight Instruction
Chili and Hugo
Expensive Mistake
Once Upon A Time
Killer Scots and Hot Cubans
The Boys
Guinevere’s Lance
Clem’s General Store
Side Effects
Sink or Swim
What’s Going On Here?
Cruise Capades
Wife Wanted
Semper Fi
The Rattled Hunter
My Unconscious Muse
Stressed Out
The Fairies’ Godmother
Dumpster Diving
The Word Artist
Lunar Madness



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