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Enjoy Every Moment Like the Danish Do!

Denmark is said to be the happiest country in the world...

The Danish people owe their happy life to the art of hygge, meaning intimacy, coziness and joy.

Hygge teaches to enjoy life from the comfort of your house. Get together and learn how simple, inexpensive experiences and activities can drastically improve your life quality. Cuddle with a loved one, share food, read by the candlelight and release your oxycontin. Not only is this book about the subject Hygge, reading it also makes you 'feel' Hygge.

Get inspired by easy to understand information that will help you live, love and even decorate your house. Get in touch with yourself, friends, family and co-workers. Discover the joy of simplicity and coziness with the Hygge lifestyle borrowed from the Danish.

Hygge will motivate you to slow down and enjoy the most intimate, special and heartwarming moments. Learn to appreciate your indoors and surroundings, your safe haven and your playground.

Get in touch with the secrets of the Danish!

This book will teach you a lot more than how to enjoy your cup of tea while listening to the rain ticking on the roof. Capture the moment, reclaim your joy and get together. In ‘Hyge: The Danish Art of Comfort, Joy and Happiness’, you will learn:

  • What Hygge is, means and does for you
  • How to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment like the Danish
  • How to be authentic with life and people around you
  • Countless ways to surround yourself with good energy at home
  • Hyggelist activities that help you connect and bond with yourself
  • What hygge can do for relationships
  • The best oxytocin boosters
  • How to Hygge by yourself
  • How to design your ‘Hygge home’
  • Colors and their effect on feelings
  • How to improve your quality of life with 30-day Hygge challenges

As a bonus, the book comes with high-quality Hygge recipes for the whole family!

Learn about Denmark’s best lifestyle secrets.

Grab your copy today!

The book contains high-quality photographs, making the print version a perfect gift!



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