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Be inspired by learning how to find happiness in aging!

In the mid to later stages of life, many things change for us. At a time when we thought we should have finally reached a place of contentment and relaxation, we run headfirst into the challenge of exploring life from a new perspective and discovering a new place in the world.

This book can help you see the change for what it was meant to be: an opportunity to make your life fuller, more exhilarating, and less limiting.

You’ll find answers to the questions which arise:
• Who are we now and what should our lives look like at this stage of the game?
• What should our daily purpose become, let alone the purpose for the rest of our life?
• How do we know what to do?
• Who will understand our feelings, answer our questions, and support us in this unfamiliar voyage?

This time of life is not the end of a journey but the beginning of the journey we were previously too burdened by playing our designated roles to undertake. We have the opportunity now to find the truth of the being that we really are, a truth ignored by most people, and to find real happiness as we age.



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