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A bloodied face. A passionate nurse. Liberation.

When CJ, indoctrinated with opinions contrary to his instinct, has a chance encounter, he makes a life-changing decision. He divides into Cuff and Jonathan, with each persona choosing a different road. While Jonathan opts to take life’s challenges head on through travel, facing both terrible dangers and love along the way, Cuff takes the stable path to prosperity that his father preached. But Cuff’s instinct is the same as his alter ego’s – he can’t avoid putting himself in danger.

When his sworn enemy, Barry Castle, gets out of the jail where CJ put him, he’s intent on revenge. Ever-present, Castle is a threat in the lives of both protagonists. And the outcome for Cuff is vastly different from that for Jonathan.

CJ is the first in a series of thrillers which follows two separate yet intertwined persona of a single man. If you’ve ever wondered what your life would have been like should you have chosen a different path, if you enjoy exotic locales and life threatening situations, then you’ll be thrilled to read CA Sole’s perspective of an alternate future in the fortunes of Cuff and Jonathan.

Pick up CJ by C.A. Sole to help you wonder how your own life would have gone, if...



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