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As Our Years Increase is a practical and spiritual guide for all who face the challenges of aging or caring for an aging relative. Award winning author Tim Stafford divides the aging process into seven Days, showing the dynamic changes that come from age 65 on. Each Day offers both practical and biblical perspective for those struggling to understand and to cope.

The First Day: Freedom
The Second Day: Beginnings of Reflection
The Third Day: Losing a Spouse
The Fourth Day: Role Reversal
The Fifth Day: Dependency
The Sixth Day: Saying Good-bye
The Seventh Day: Sabbath

Stafford begins each Day with a memo to one of his parents. He shares many personal stories of ordinary people who have gone before us, facing the challenges of aging. The fruit of considerable research, As Our Years Increase covers the whole breadth of experience, providing perspective and collective wisdom.

Practical advice involves everything from documents that need preparing to qualities to look for in a care facility. Just as "practical" are thoughtful meditations on how to think of aging, and how to cope with challenges such as Alzheimers.

Read As Our Years Increase and you are certain to come away with a new view of aging--for yourself and for your loved ones.

As Our Years Increase is frankly Christian. It taps into biblical wisdom to gain a view of old age that is positive, honoring and hopeful.



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