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Aging is a period of transition in women's lives during which we arrive at a place which is not clearly defined, a place where we experience marked changes.

As we previously moved through our daily lives, we fell into patterns of doing the same things, in the same way, in the same places, with the same people. Those day-to-day patterns defined us. But now we have an opportunity to explore beyond the familiar ways in which we thought about life.

One of life’s greatest gifts in the mature stages of the journey is the freedom from being you. You no longer have to play the roles which you previously created for yourself, or which others created for you. You can rewrite the description of who you are and discover the person you have yet to become.

We’ve all heard this common expression: “In my next lifetime, I’m going to be ____ (fill in the blank)”. If you’ve ever made this statement, the question to ask yourself is: “Do I really need to wait until the next lifetime to be that person?”

What opportunities are still out there waiting to find you? Who are you being in this moment, and every other moment....and more importantly, who do you aspire to be? What deeper meanings and richer truths have you yet to discover?

This book shows you how aging brings the perfect time to be the person you choose to be, the person you were created to be in this lifetime.

Finding Happiness series: Volume 2

Length: approx 120 pages



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