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A Bucket Full of Oysters

A Bucket Full of Oysters

A Bucket Full of Oysters

Yayınevi : Sanderson Select

How much do we know about  the things in life we often take for granted? Why is there a Best Man at a Wedding? What is the oldest Creature on earth that predates the dinosaurs? What is the origin of the Handshake?

Everywhere we go there are so many things we give our passing attention to but if we allow ourselves to be more inquisitive, like opening an oyster, sometimes we can find a hidden pearl of knowledge or insight that absolutely lifts and fascinates us.

The important thing is not to stop questioning…

“Never lose a holy curiosity”. - Albert Einstein

Here are five experiences to look forward to as we all become more curious:

Our minds become

active instead of passive

receptive to new ideas

open to new worlds and possibilities

stimulated by more excitement

What Pearls can you find here for you?

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ISBN: 9781912779369

Format: Epub