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Standart Teslimat : 04 - 06 Şubat
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Parça Listesi


LP 1

1. Standing In The Shadows Of Love

2. Bring Back My Yesterday

3. I've Found Someone

4. I've Got So Much To Give

5. I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby


LP 2

1. Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You

2. Honey Please, Can't Ya See

3. You're My Baby

4. Hard To Believe That I Found You

5. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up


LP 3

1. Mellow Mood (Pt. I)

2. You're The First, The Last, My Everything

3. I Can't Believe You Love Me

4. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe

5. Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It

6. I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)

7. Mellow Mood (Pt. II)


LP 4

1. Heavenly, That's What You Are To Me

2. I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To

3. All Because Of You

4. Love Serenade (Part I)

5. What Am I Gonna Do With You

6. Let Me Live My Life Lovin' You Babe

7. Love Serenade (Pt. II)


LP 5

1. I Don't Know Where Love Has Gone

2. If You Know, Won't You Tell Me

3. I'm So Blue And You Are Too

4. Baby We Better Try To Get It Together

5. You See The Trouble With Me

6. Let The Music Play


LP 6

1. Don't Make Me Wait Too Long

2. Your Love -- So Good I Can Taste It

3. I'm Qualified To Satisfy You

4. I Wanna Lay Down With You Baby

5. Now I'm Gonna Make Love To You


LP 7

1. Playing Your Game, Baby

2. It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me

3. You're So Good You're Bad

4. Never Thought I'd Fall In Love With You

5. You Turned My Whole World Around

6. Oh What A Night For Dancing

7. Of All The Guys In The World


LP 8

1. Look At Her

2. Your Sweetness Is My Weakness

3. Sha La La Means I Love You

4. September When I First Met You

5. It's Only Love Doing Its Thing

6. Just The Way You Are

7. Early Years


LP 9

1. I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing

2. Girl, What's Your Name

3. Once Upon A Time (You Were A Friend Of Mine)

4. Oh Me, Oh My (I'm Such A Lucky Guy)

5. I Can't Leave You Alone

6. Call Me, Baby

7. How Did You Know It Was Me?





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