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Dorothy is an orphan girl who lives in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. The life in the middle of the prairie seems boring and joyless. But Dorothy’s dog called Toto saved her from being as gray as her surroundings. One morning, a tornado whirls Dorothy and Toto into the Land of Oz. In this unknown and magic country, animals can talk like humans and witches are able to do any kind of magic. Anyway, Dorothy wants to come back to Kansas. She goes to the Emerald City, where the Great Oz can send her back home at once. On her way, she meets many fabulous characters: the Scarecrow who dreams of brains; the Tin Woodman who wants to get some heart; the Lion who crave for courage and fearlessness. Dorothy and her friends face many adventures and dangers, following the road of yellow brick which leads to the Emerald City. Will Dorothy come back to Kansas again? And will all the heroes fulfil their dearest wishes? You will devour this story with your whole childish heart…



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The Wizard of OZ

The book was very nice especially the bit where Dorothy accidentally killed the wicked witch of the west i laughed a lot. When i found out the wizard of oz was a faker i got very surprised. İ recommend everyone to read this book.


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