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WELCOME TO SELLER PAYITAHT'S LIBRARY!!! "Who crosses the area of the Maeander, is at his east side threatened by the dark zig zag top of the Latmos, a granite mountain created by eruptions. Inhospitable and poor, this mountain, separated from the thoroughfare by a lake, has ahvays been the most desolate area of the region. in the unparalleled vvildness of jumbled rocks, the Latmos is one of the greatest nature experiences a traveller can be gran-ted.(M.Schede,1936). in this mountain region, which was so apdy described in his time by M. Schede, in the past years numerous, 1ar-gely unknovra settlement traces have been found, which are decisively characterised by the rock landscape of the Latmos. Mount Latmos was one of the sacred mountains of Anatolia; its top was the residence place of the highest god, the Weather God. Among the numerous recent discoveri- \ es the Prehistoric rock paintings with their unique imagery a¿e undoubtedly the most important. in the Karadere Cave, j presumably the central sanctuary of the VVeather God, even \ the modern Adsitor becomes aware of the connection betwe- \ en the rock paintings and the mountain top.".





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