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Wicked Rules

Wicked Rules

Wicked Rules

Yayınevi : Delesty Books

From the author who brought you the Chastity Falls series comes the second book in the Wicked Bay series...

Lo Stone should be used to change by now. It's been her life for the last year, but how much can a girl take before the cracks begin to show? She knew being with Maverick wouldn't be easy, but she didn’t anticipate her life in Wicked Bay becoming a game of deceit and lies.

Maverick Prince risked everything for Lo, but it was worth it to see her smile. Only now he's painted a target on her back and he refuses to let that happen. The only way to protect her is to do what Prince's do best—play the game and stick to the rules.

Even if some rules are made to be broken.

Dili: İngilizce

ISBN: 9781386254782

Format: Epub