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What You Want

What You Want

What You Want

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You can have what you want.

When Victoria finds that the man she has come to love has been lying to her, will she be able to forgive him?

Victoria Timmons' life is all about work. She is so driven to succeed that she has given up on the prospect of finding love and passion. She has a full-time job and lives with her aging, disabled mother as well as having a side hustle. Victoria has too many responsibilities which doesn't allow much time for anything outside of work. Her boss has dangled a carrot of a promotion in front of her. She has done everything she can to prove that she can handle the job.

The new position will allow her to quit her part-time job and maybe have a life that isn't always about work. When she finds out that the position has been giving to someone else, Victoria realizes that she might never have what she wants.

Maximillian Jackson Quinn is a charismatic tech billionaire who gets what he wants. He wants a small up and coming company, but before he can close the deal, the current owner places a condition on the sale. Max agrees not to release the employees from their jobs until he has spent time getting to know them and their abilities and talents. In this process, he finds that the company has something else that is a sweet temptation, Victoria Timmons.

Keeping his identity a secret from everyone for a month is no difficult task until he decides to pursue a relationship with Victoria. Once he convinces her to take a chance on him, it becomes challenging when his family becomes the center of a public scandal, one that could expose his identity and end the best romance and sex of his life.

Jackson is every bit the man intended for an Alpha male romance and Victoria is the perfect African American fiction heroine. The essence of any good romantic love story is the journey from the introduction to the conclusion, of course, it doesn't hurt to fill it with desire, enticing romance, and sex. Experience the exciting contemporary romance, "What You Want."

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ISBN: 9781386500216

Format: Epub