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Three In a Box

Three In a Box

Three In a Box

Yayınevi : d squared publishing

**THREE IN A BOX is an ebook collection of the first three books in the Rafferty P.I. series.

15 years ago, Rafferty saved Vivian from a crazed junkie who tried to blow her head off. So when he gets hired by Vivian’s parents to hunt down her kidnappers, it’s personal. Rafferty saved Vivian once. Can he do it again?

Rafferty’s vacation goes to hell as he works his way through a small Texas town breaking the rules as fast as they can make them, searching for the vicious killer who butchered Cindy Lawson. 

He’s been around the block; this isn’t the first case he’s had involving a dead woman. But this time Cricket Dawes is dead, and no-one cares—except Rafferty. And that’s a bad scenario for everyone else. 

If you’re a fan of Spenser, Mike Hammer or Matt Scudder, then these hardboiled pulp thrillers, from Shamus Award Winner W. Glenn Duncan, will keep you reading late into the dark night.

Rafferty’s a Dallas P.I. and an ex-cop who spent enough time on the streets to understand how things work. And when they don’t, Rafferty’s the guy you’ll want on your side. He may quote Latin occasionally, smoke too much and be a cynical sonofabitch, but when it all hits the fan and you need someone you can trust, you’ll be glad you called Rafferty.

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"One of the best and most underrated hardboiled, wisecracking, private eye series of the '80s. Rereading RAFFERTY'S RULES is a real treat and a surprising testament to how well the Rafferty stories hold up...Don't miss out..." --Paul Bishop

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ISBN: 9780648223443

Format: Epub