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Poor Dead Cricket

Poor Dead Cricket

Poor Dead Cricket

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Rafferty’s Rule 39: Smiting the wicked sounds biblical, but mostly it’s just good clean fun.

Cricket Dawes is dead, and an explosive corporate dossier is in the wind. 

It’s not the first time Rafferty’s had a case with a dead woman, but why is he the only one who seems to care? The cops think it was a routine mugging gone bad; Winchester just wants the files to prove the local nuclear plant is dangerous; and Walter Hadley, Cricket’s boss and lover, should be upset but if his company and wife were to learn the truth, well …

All the pieces of the puzzle are there, but Rafferty can’t get them to fit. So, continue with the case and all the screwballs involved or tell Winchester to shove it?

She’ll still be dead either way, and Rafferty doesn’t really give a crap about the possible environmental catastrophe, but at least he might be able to find out who really killed Cricket Dawes.

And make them pay.

If you’re a fan of Spenser, Mike Hammer or Matt Scudder, then this hardboiled pulp thriller, from Shamus Award Winner W. Glenn Duncan, will keep you reading late into the dark night.

“I have all of the Rafferty titles in my collection. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the years, but the Rafferty books are a mainstay. I think they’re terrific!”—Paul Bishop

*POOR DEAD CRICKET *is a hardboiled P.I. mystery in the tradition of the best pulp thrillers.

Rafferty’s a Dallas P.I. and an ex-cop who spent enough time on the streets to understand how things work. And when they don’t, Rafferty’s the guy you’ll want on your side. He may quote Latin occasionally, smoke too much and be a cynical sonofabitch, but when it all hits the fan and you need someone you can trust, you’ll be glad you called Rafferty.

Originally published by Ballantine, this 30th Anniversary release of *POOR DEAD CRICKET * marks the first time that W. Glenn Duncan’s work has been available in digital format. We doubt that Rafferty would quietly accept the ongoing march of technology that provides this opportunity, but even a grizzled P.I. has to grow up sometime.

This hardboiled PI series will continue with the first new Rafferty story in nearly three decades. FALSE GODS, written by W. Glenn Duncan Jr. (son of the original author) sees Rafferty looking for a missing girl, up to his ass in religious fundamentalists and needing all the help he can get from his old pals Cowboy and Mimi—and a few new ones—to make sure he gets out alive.

Join the Rafferty Readers’ Group at to get the latest news on the upcoming release of FALSE GODS.

**“**Twenty years have passed since the first of W. Glenn Duncan's Rafferty novels hit the shelves. Damn, has it been that long? Just a week ago I picked up one of his novels and couldn't help but notice how well the books have stood the test of time. Every novel's plot is centered around an issue we still deal with today. Duncan truely captured the pure essence of the definitive smart-ass private eye in his character Rafferty. Take part Sam Spade with a little Mike Hammer, mix in some Spenser and you have an awesome character”—Cliff Fausset, 2007

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ISBN: 9780648037040

Format: Epub